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Sales of siccatives and additives goes to BRCS

Valued customer,

Lately, we have a significant increase in sales. You know us, we always give you more service, more personal attention and more personal technical support. Especially considering the technical developments in the driers and additives, the demands from the government and the extra attention that demands, we decided to give the sales our driers and additives, exclusive to Europe, in the hands of BRCS (formerly Barentz) in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

BRCS is a strong partner for you and for us. It is a professional private enterprise, where the interests of the customer comes first, flexible and reliable.



For further information and to purchase our driers and additives from now you can contact the sales department of BRC BV:

Saturnusstraat 15 Postbus 3001
PHONE: +31-23-5673456



We are convinced that this partnership will bring much benefit in the area of ​​technical, commercial and logistic support to you as a customer.