Olie- en vernisfabriek Vliegenthart BV

DDW 2014: Vliegenthart and Imondi Flooring

displayrek-03-567Piet Hein Eek working with Lacq and Imondi Flooring

There are manufacturers who make and sell beautiful products. They do not necessarily distinguish themselves as regards design, but with their products they come very close to what we find important or beautiful.
And with a little good will and some directing from both sides, I can make quite a difference, thanks to the experience that we have gained over the years. It also gives me the opportunity not only to sound off about how others do things, but to make a practical contribution as well. You become a kind of art director, designer and adviser.
It isn’t easy, particularly because I’m extremely busy, budgets are of course not unlimited and people ask you because you’re different from them. Therefore you have to overcome some difficulties and in any case things are always less rosy than they first appear. But everyone remains enthusiastic and during the DDW there will be a presentation of all kinds of varnishes.
The brand is called Lacq and it’s produced by Vliegenthart, a factory from the 19th century.
This varnish coats the floors at Imondi, for whom I came up with an idea for laying the floors.
This was actually inspired by the ‘discard-as-little-wood-as-possible’ oak floors which I’ve used in France.